Q1. How well do the roots grow through the sidewalls?

Very well! The structure of the weave allows roots to grow directly through the sidewalls on contact

Q2. How long does it take for the hemp to breakdown in the soil?

Depending on soil moisture, microbial and nutrient levels in the soil, it will take anywhere from 30-60 days for the hemp fiber to be completely dissolved into organic matter.

Q3. How long will the pot last above ground?

It really depends on your environment, specifically if the pot is sitting on wet soil, being rained on or irrigated by a sprinkler. The pots were designed to last a few months of above ground use sitting on soil. If you have your pot on a patio and handwater, the pot might last 6 months before the bottom starts breaking down.

Q4. What type of of hemp fiber is used?

We use the highest grade european hemp fiber on the marketplace. This woven fiber is in the process of being organically certified. Rest assured you are not gettting some cheap hemp fiber from China that might contain pesticides or chemical residues.

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