helpful tips:

your hempot can withstand extended use an above ground container plant as long as it is not buried.  Once it is buried and saturated with water, roots can immediately grow through the sidewalls. The microbial breakdown begins rapidly, within weeks. You can facilitate this breakdown faster by adding:

1.Microbial innoculants   2.Rooting Agents   3.Humic Acids   4.Enzymes

please read through the timeline below to understand how the Hempot breaks down over time in the soil.


Newly Purchased Hempots

Brand new hempots will be rigid and much stronger as above ground pots. They can withstand 1-2 months of above ground conditions before the bottom of the pot starts breaking down.


buried 9 days in the soil

This hempot was dug up after being buried 9 days in the soil. Root growth through the sidewalls was well documented. Once buried the interaction of soil moisture and microbiology begin to rapidly decompose the hemp fibers.


buried 35 days in the soil

After 35 days of being buried, root mass has overtaken the hempot. Combined with water, fertilizer and microbial life, the fibers of the hempotare rapidly being turned into organic matter.


breakdown into humus

After 35 days of being buried, the remnant pieces of the original hempot can be found as a dark brown organic matter that has the consistency of worm castings or a nice forest humus.

other helpful tips:

• You can actually water the sidewalls of the hemp pot itself. The hemp fiber wicks and stores the water until it is adsorbed by the soil inside or evaporates off

• if the hempot is left on top of the soil for too long, the plants roots will start growing through the bottom of the pot. at this point the pot should definitely be planted in the ground

• you can plant the pot in the ground at any point in time, you do not have to wait for the roots to make contact with the sidewalls